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  • Faces of Truth by Lisa Fugard, The New York Times - February 28, 1999
  • Sheer Fear by Lynn M. Bremner, - December 1997


  • "Pat's emphasis on safety helped make us comfortable with the challenging climbs. He was friendly, professional, and always willing to share information and personal experiences that heightened our enjoyment of the weekend..
    We will certainly pass along rave reviews and recommendations to our friends and family who might want to visit Joshua Tree in the future"
    Climbing Photo

    Dane Morita and Bonnie Leshuk

  • "...Sunday was another great day climbing with Steve. For someone with his climbing resume-he was down to earth, patient and fun to hang with. It was a pleasure and honor to climb with him."

    Greg Pero
    Sylmar, CA

  • "As a teacher, I appreciate those who can combine patience and support with challenge and encouragement. Don and Steve walked us through a weekend that moved us up in ability. Never were the tasks too overwhelming although they were always challenging. I never felt my safety being compromised and respect was given to everyone in our group, regardless of skill level. What was so important was the opportunity to build confidence and your instructors were mindful to guide the steps along the way."

    Teri Tomatich

  • "...Don's desire that everyone learn and enjoy themselves, his patient and friendly manner, the ease with which he distilled complex technical information into understandable concepts, and his vigilant concern over the safety of his students quickly earned him the trust and respect of all members of the class."

    Edward Muramoto
    Los Angeles, CA

  • "Hey Mark, just wanted to thank you for helping me get signed up for the leading skills class at the last minute. Don was fantastic, Caren was super, the weather was perfect- you saved my vacation! So thank you, thank you, thank you- I hope to be back!"

    Audrey Sheridan
    Shiprock, NM

  • "...My friend and I just finished our weekend beginners course at Joshua Tree with your instructor Brandt. Iwould imagine anyone who has done this has to have told you how great of a time it was, and certainly I am no different. I would like to tell you how great we think Brandt is. He really made the experience first rate. He has A great ability to teach. We were amazed at the end of two days how far we had advanced in something we didn't know much about. See you in the intermediate class."

    James Griffis
    Dove Canyon, Ca

  • "Just want to give you some great feedback on our guide Frazier! Frazier is a wonderful teacher. He is very courteous, prompt, and clear on his instructions. He is very nice to us and everyone else we interacted with. He worked hard to make sure we had a productive and enjoyable 2-day seminar.

    Nee Tang
    Los Angeles, Ca.


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